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About Us

Jade Finance was established in 2010 so that Andy could reconnect with the many customers he had dealt with during the past 40 years. His son Matthew, who was a director of East Anglian Finance Limited, joined him in 2011 and they have gone from strength to strength offering asset finance solutions to the many customers they have in the East Anglia region.

Andy and Matthew prided themselves on their service levels at East Anglian Finance and Jade Finance is continuing with this simple philosophy. They are finding that “old’ customers are pleased to do business with them once again and the extensive facilities that Jade Finance has to offer by funding asset purchases for customers on Jade’s own portfolio and through the various asset finance divisions of many major UK and European banks has enabled Andy and Matthew to offer more competitive and flexible options for funding asset purchase.

  • Andy Green


    Andy Green, Director at Jade Finance

    Andy has been in the asset finance industry in East Anglia for 40 years. He worked for Lombard in King's Lynn from 1974 until he left in 1983 to open a branch in Wisbech for General Guarantee. In 1990 he became MD of East Anglian Finance Ltd which offered asset finance to businesses in East Anglia. He sold this business to Kaupthing, Singer & Friedlander in 2006 and after retiring from Singer's he established Jade Finance in February 2010.

    T: 01945 475418
    M: 07802 206686
    E: andygreen@jadefinance.co.uk

  • Matthew Green


    Matthew Green, Director at Jade Finance

    Matthew joined London and Scottish Bank in 1996 to gain valuable experience before joining his father's business, East Anglian Finance Ltd in 1998. He joined Jade Finance as a director and shareholder in 2011 to help with the development of the business. Since becoming a director and joining forces with my father at Jade Finance in 2011 it has been an exciting time re-establishing myself with my customers and it has been so comforting to experience the warmth shown to me by my customers who are so please to be dealing with a company that is owned and run by local people.

    T: 01945 475418
    M: 07584 903308
    E: matthewgreen@jadefinance.co.uk

  • Sue Green


    Sue Green, Associate of Jade Finance

    Sue has worked in the asset finance industry since 1972 when she worked for Lombard North Central Limited in King’s Lynn and she was also a director of East Anglian Finance Limited in Wisbech which her and Andy sold to Singer & Friedlander in 2006. Sue helped Andy set up Jade Finance in 2010 when he retired from Singer’s and she took on the responsibility for all the administration and computer system so that Andy and Matthew could concentrate on building the business which has gone from strength to strength since 2010.

    T: 01945 475418
    E: suegreen@jadefinance.co.uk