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Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase enables you to purchase assets over a set period of time usually upto 5 years with fixed monthly payments to enable your business to budget and conserve cashflow. The deposit and the period of the agreement can be tailor made to suit the customer’s cash flow and monthly budget requirements. At the end of the agreement a nominal option to purchase fee is paid with your last payment and title in the asset is passed to you.

From a tax perspective you are able to claim the relevant capital allowances that are applicable to you and the interest that you pay is all tax allowable. The asset will also show as an asset owned by your business in your annual accounts.

Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase has all of the advantages of Hire Purchase but it is often used to fund prestige cars where the customer can reduce their monthly payments by choosing to pay a” balloon payment” at the end of the agreement. Broadly speaking lease purchase is the same as a PCP for prestige cars, but it should be noted that at the end of the agreement the customer has a commitment to pay the “balloon payment” wheras with a PCP the responsibility lies with the funder.


Leasing enables you to acquire assets to use in your business immediately whilst actually never owning the asset. The advantages to your business is that you can offset all of the rentals that you pay against your profit and loss account and you only have to pay 1 – 3 months rentals when entering the agreement and as the asset is owned by the finance house you don’t have to pay the VAT on the purchase price only on the monthly payments going forward.

At the end of the lease you can either continue “leasing” the asset for an annual peppercorn rent or you can dispose of the asset on the finance company’s behalf and you will receive a refund ,normally 95%, of the sale proceeds. This refund is classed as income so you may have to pay tax on it according to your situation at the time.

Contract Hire

Contract Hire is not for every business but if it is something you are considering then it does takes all the stress out of finding and buying a car or light commercial vehicle and enables you to have the use of them without the problem of disposing of the vehicle at the end of the agreement.

We can arrange maintenance or non- maintenance contracts for you depending on your requirements for any make and model of car or van.

Personal Contract Purchase

PCP is a way of financing your new or used car by selecting the deposit and period you require in conjuction with the mileage you will do in the car. With this information we can quote you a fixed monthly cost and at the end of the period you can either hand the vehicle back and walk away or you can buy the car for a price that will be predetermined at the beginning of the agreement. The monthly figures quoted are all based on keeping within the selected mileage and if you go outside the parameters then there will be an excess mileage penalty to pay and there will be certain conditions with regard to the condition of the car at the end of the PCP.

Sale and HP Leaseback

This facility enables you to raise capital on existing assets that you already own. You may well have bought an asset recently that you now wish to finance or you may want to raise some capital on an asset you have owned for some time to enable you to receive an immediate injection of cash into your business to help with other projects whilst spreading the cost over a mutually agreed period.

Banking Facilities

We have very close links with several major banks and several regional banks who specialise in the provision of secured lending for the purchase of commercial premises such as factories and offices. These banks will also consider lending against existing properties to enable our customer to raise substantial amounts to fund future business opportunities.

In addition to the above we can arrange Factoring and Invoice Discount facilities which can raise additional finance to enable you to expand or simply make your cash-flow much better.